New Hampshire Housing Adopts Improved Interactive System for Data

Interactive data screenshotNew Hampshire Housing has made its online housing and demographic data available in an improved, interactive format. The new format offers more features for data users and includes an update to more recent data sets.

While users were previously restricted to printing data, they can now download and save data as PDF or MS Excel files with the new system. The data has also been updated to include both 3- and 5-year American Communities Survey Data and the 2010 Census data for towns, counties and the state. The data covers employment, population, economic and other dimensions. New Hampshire Housing’s housing data for purchase price and rental cost trends are also available.

The new system, which is a product from Burlington, Massachusetts, company Dimensional Insight, will give New Hampshire Housing more versatility in adding new data sets and making new data available to the public in the future. New Hampshire Housing is the first client to use this Dimensional Insight product on an external website rather than data mining for internal websites.

For links to New Hampshire Housing’s housing and demographic data as well as information about how to interpret it, visit the New Hampshire Housing website. The option remains on the website for users to download the full Excel database files, upon which the new system’s numbers and charts are based.

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