New Hampshire Housing Recognized for Creating “Greener Homes”

Opera Block Tower

Opera Block in Woodsville, NH, after its renovation through New Hampshire Housing’s Greener Homes program. New Hampshire Housing recently won an Annual Award for Program Excellence from the National Council of State Housing Agencies for the Greener Homes program’s success in preserving and renovating affordable rental housing.

Wins national award for preserving New Hampshire’s affordable rental housing

BEDFORD – New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority’s efforts to keep New Hampshire’s rental housing energy efficient and affordable were recognized this week by the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA). The Greener Homes program, which focuses on preserving the long-term affordability of rental housing through energy updates to aging buildings, was selected for one of NCSHA’s Annual Awards for Program Excellence. The program was chosen based on its innovation, ability to be replicated, and production of measurable benefits while responding to an important state housing need.

Through Greener Homes, NHHFA has committed to financing energy upgrades to over 930 rental units across the state, with another 300 rental units awaiting financing approval. The program is expecting to reduce energy usage in these units by an average of 43%, producing long-term savings that will allow 37 low-income housing projects to remain affordable for a minimum of twenty years. The renovations made to achieve these results will also mean a healthier living environment for the over 1,000 people that will be able to remain in their homes due to this extended affordability.NCSHA award

NCSHA is a national, nonprofit organization created by the nation’s state Housing Finance Authorities to assist them in increasing housing opportunities for lower income and underserved people through the financing, development, and preservation of affordable housing. Their Annual Awards for Program Excellence honor state Housing Finance Agencies for their outstanding public purpose programs, projects and practices. Learn more at

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