New Hampshire Housing Funds Special Needs Housing in Concord

Funding will be used to create apartments for people with disabilities

New Hampshire Housing’s Board of Directors recently approved a $750,000 loan so a residential building in Concord can be renovated to provide housing for people with disabilities.

Fellowship Housing Opportunities of Concord, which received the commitment of funding, will rehabilitate an existing residential building on Jackson Street to create permanent housing for people with mental illness. Residents will have access to services provided by Riverbend Community Mental Health on an as needed basis. Fellowship Housing Opportunities will also be able to provide Jackson Street residents with needed social service programs.

“All of us at Fellowship Housing so appreciate the support of New Hampshire Housing for our Jackson Street Conversion Project,” said Page Cannon, Executive Director of Fellowship Housing Opportunities of Concord. “This primary source of funding will allow us to move ahead with our plan to renovate a lovely older building in Concord and provide housing for adults with mental illness. Once completed, the housing will be safer, more energy efficient and affordable. The development team at New Hampshire Housing are top notch professionals, and it is our pleasure to work with them again!”

“We’re proud to support Jackson Street Apartments, which will create housing and social service opportunities for a vulnerable population in the Concord community,” said Dean Christon, Executive Director of New Hampshire Housing.

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