Our Staff’s Top First-Time Homebuyer Tips

mortgage-agreement - top staff tips postMany of our staff members here at New Hampshire Housing were once on the hunt for their first homes, just like you. Here are some of their tips based on their own experiences!

“Make sure you have impeccable credit. Don’t borrow your maximum – I’m a big fan of live within your means.” – Heather

“Wait at least six months before you do any non-necessary home improvements, and then shop around.” – Jane

“Read everything and ask questions.” – Michael

“I wish I looked at more houses to figure out what I would want.” – Jim

“Don’t go looking for a house until you’re pre-approved. Before you make any large purchases, talk to your loan officer–it could change your approval.” – Christine

“Shop around for rates, and get a home inspection.” – Andrea

“Make a list of your needs and wants when purchasing. I soon realized a lot of the things I was looking for in a house were wants! I also had a list of what my acceptable neighborhoods were. That way I was not wasting anyone’s time looking at houses in areas I could not afford or would not want to live in.” – Lilybel

“I think it’s really important for first-time homebuyers to consider the amount of work that is needed to go into the maintenance of the home. If the potential homebuyer is not a ‘handy’ person, they should consider buying a newer home, rather than taking on the challenge of a fixer-upper and not being successful in the repairs, which may end up costing more in the end.” – Jen

“Think about the location of your house, and how you’ll get to it in the winter. Think about how it will look in all seasons.” – Kathleen

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