Special Needs Housing Coming to John F. Kennedy Building in Concord

New Hampshire Housing approves $500,000 for addition of Thompson Square Apartments

New Hampshire Housing’s Board of Directors recently approved a $500,000 loan for Concord Housing + Redevelopment to renovate space in the John F. Kennedy public housing complex into additional apartments. The funding comes from New Hampshire Housing’s Special Needs program, which is designed to provide financing for projects serving populations that need more supportive services than are typically provided in traditional rental housing.

Concord Housing + Redevelopment will turn a portion of the building that used to house Concord Housing staff offices and an abandoned theater into handicap accessible units, which will be called the Thompson Square Apartments. The new apartments will be located near the building’s community space and counseling offices. The John F. Kennedy public housing complex currently holds 82 apartments and is close by local services such as Riverbend Mental Health and Community Bridges.

“Redevelopment is essential as we try to find ways to help people with disabilities find quality housing in Concord,” said John Hoyt, Executive Director of Concord Housing. “The need for adequate housing is overwhelming. At Concord Housing + Redevelopment we work every day to find solutions for accessible housing, which is why we are thrilled to be turning otherwise unused space into one bedroom apartments for disabled individuals. With these apartments, all amenities are accessible and their proximity to services is excellent.”

“Our Special Needs program gives us the opportunity to support projects like Thompson Square Apartments that stand out because of their ability to offer access to services,” said Dean Christon, Executive Director of New Hampshire Housing. “We’re pleased to support Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s efforts to expand access to service-supported housing.”

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