What is Workforce Housing?

Workforce Housing Comic coverIf you’ve ever kept an eye on housing, planning, and development issues in New Hampshire, you may have heard the term “workforce housing” being used. But what exactly is it, and who lives there?

Simply put, workforce housing is apartments or homes that are set at prices that are affordable to modest income individuals and families. The purpose of workforce housing is to make sure a region’s workers, such as nurses, teachers, restaurant servers, and others, can afford to live close by where they work.

A few years ago, New Hampshire Housing partnered with Mike McCrory of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, Anne Duncan Cooley of the Upper Valley Housing Coalition, and graphic artist and illustrator Sam Carbaugh to create an informational comic about workforce housing. It tells the story of what happens when a group of neighbors finds out that a new workforce housing development has been proposed for their town. It also explains in an easy to understand way just what workforce housing is about: http://www.uvlsrpc.org/project/Workforce_Housing_Informational_Comic_89/

Want to learn more? Visit the websites for the New Hampshire Workforce Housing Council, Vibrant Villages New Hampshire, and Plan New Hampshire.

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