Top 5 To-Dos for New Homeowners


You’ve survived the whirlwind of finding a house you love, putting in an offer, and closing the deal. You’ve packed your stuff and moved dozens of boxes. You’re arrived –you’re a homeowner! But after peeling yourself off the floor after moving, you probably think, “Now what?”

Just like there are steps to follow before getting a house, there are steps to follow afterward too. Here are five things to check off the to-do list as you adjust to your new life as a homeowner:

  1. Change the locks. Safety first! Do this before anything else.
  2. Say no to big projects. During the first year in your new house, it is often wise to postpone major repairs or renovations that can wait. This will give you time to replenish your savings and adjust to your new expenses.
  3. Get familiar with your city or town. If you’ve moved to a new city or town, familiarize yourself with their rules and systems for trash and recycling pick up and hazardous waste collection days. You can often find this information on the town or city’s website if they have one. Use sites like Yelp to find out about local restaurants and entertainment spots, or you can check out the local Chamber of Commerce for information about local businesses.
  4. Become a weekend warrior. Roll up your sleeves and embrace your inner DIY master! Thanks to the internet and your local library, it can be easy and free to gain the knowledge you need to do simple home repairs. Start collecting tools to create a basic kit, read some how-tos, and reap the savings.
  5. Keep up good financial habits. You probably scrimped and saved to get into your home. Now that you are in your home, don’t let those good habits you created slide. By continuing to save and maintain good credit, you are prepared in case an unexpected emergency repair arises, and you set yourself up for long-term financial stability.
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