Preserving the Past

Throughout New Hampshire, you can find mill buildings, schools, and other historic buildings that are no longer used for their original purposes. Seeing an opportunity to meet both the need for affordable housing for New Hampshire residents and the need to keep downtowns a viable place to live and work, some towns and cities have worked with developers to repurpose these buildings by turning them into commercial space, housing, or a mix of both. Over the past year, New Hampshire Housing has had the opportunity to help many of these types of “adaptive reuse” projects spring to life. Here are a few “before and after” photos of buildings that recently have been revived. Interested in living in one of these unique buildings? We’ve included links to more information under the photos.

Woodbury Mill – The Housing Partnership

Woodbury Mill, located within walking distance from Dover’s downtown, is a historic mill building that was converted into 42 units of affordable family housing. Before being rehabilitated, the building was empty and abandoned and was a blight on the neighborhood. Now families who work in and around the downtown area can be close to work, as well as area amenities such as schools, the library, and transportation centers.


IMG_3304 for web    May 2014 001 for web

For more information about Woodbury Mills, visit


Cotton Mill – The Stabile Companies

Cotton Mill was a project that was many years in the making due to its size and variety of funding sources. The large, historic mill, located in the heart of downtown Nashua, is a blend of affordable and market-rate housing. Since Nashua is essentially “built out” and land is scarce, its design exemplifies smart development since it increases housing supply without additional land use. It also contributes to the overall feel of Nashua becoming a livable, walkable city.


For more information about Cotton Mill, visit


Pine Valley Mill – Dakota Partners

Pine Valley Mill, located in Milford, converted an 1870 mill building into a small mixed-use development in a relatively rural area. The building has 50 units of one- and two-bedroom housing for low-income households, as well as a commercial property with a wide diversity of uses, including a hydroelectric facility and a commercial blacksmith shop!


For more information about Pine Valley Lofts, visit

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