Online Community Rules

New Hampshire Housing strives to make its Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages a place for open discussion and sharing of information. Users who post questions can expect a response within two business days. To protect our customers’ privacy, we are unable to discuss the specifics about any loan or rental assistance situation on social media. If you have questions about your loan, please call our Homeownership Division at 800-649-0470. If you have questions about your rental assistance, please call our Assisted Housing Division at (800) 439-7247.

For the purposes of maintaining a safe and positive online community, posts containing the following types of content will not be tolerated and will be removed:

• Profanity
• Slurs or other hate speech targeted to a specific group
• Inflammatory comments
• Comments that are off topic
• Comments advertising businesses or services

Due to issues with spam, we currently do not allow comments that contain links on our blog ( We do this as a way to protect our blog viewers from viruses, phishing, and inappropriate content.

If you have any questions about our community rules, please e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

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